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Default Pointers in Magic Sword

Hi. I've been trying to hack some things in the Snes port of Magic Sword, mainly some graphics but also some text changes.

I've found most of the things I'm looking to edit, and some changes were successful. But I'm having a hard time finding how to edit specific things like the SCORE word. For reference, it's located at 000270B: C4 20 B4 20 C0 20 C3 20 B6 20. I was looking to change the word to POINTS but I needed one more letter/image.

The thing is, this is quite packed. SCORE is nestled between L ("L" being the L word used for your allies in the bottom part of the interface: L1, L2, L8, etc.) and TOP (the TOP score) with no leftover space: it's all surrounded by code for how the game draws the remaining interface (energy bars, etc.), so going brute force & just adding an extra letter doesn't hold up because the code immediately afterwards is the one use for drawing the item box, for instance.

I looked around for pointers but I'm having problems finding them. I tried looking for anything that would point to SCORE, and also to the start of what I think is the start of this sequence (interface drawing + words), but couldn't find anything. Being Lo-ROM, I've tried applying the +8000 rule the offset is between the 0000-7FFF range, but nothing. The allies' bios also pose the same problem to me, as they are all quite packed...

Ideally I'd point them to an empty space/block (the FBEA0-FBFFF is empty, for instance), though given my knowledge that would be extremely difficult.

Could someone point me to the right direction on how I could do this? Thank you

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