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Default Mt Adams, NH

I managed to sneak in an overnight hike in Mt Adams in NH before Irene rolled through last weekend. What a gorgeous hike...if you you live in the Northeast, you should visit it if possible. It's 500 shorter than Mount Washington, but there's about 1000 more feet of elevation gain due to lower elevation at the trailheads.

And no auto road--the summit is all to yourself! Down side? It's a much more difficult hike over rougher terrain (above timber line), and there's no facilities at the top. But there are some lovely pack in/pack out cabins run by the Randolph Mountain Club in the higher elevation that are dirt cheap to stay at. ($13.00/night, compared to AMC huts that start at around $100.00/night).

I attached a picture of what I woke up to... What a joy to see in the AM, especially somewhere like the White Mountains that has notoriously bad weather.
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