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Originally Posted by jdev View Post
As agressive as the military is, it still beats press gangs. I'm really glad I didn't live in Europe 300 years ago.
What do you mean with that? 300 years ago in Europe?
I'm from Germany and in the mentioned time period there was a Europe with many small countries. Of course there were conflicts, too. But all big wars started when large countries were formed and financial powers fuelled the expansion or power ambitions of the mighty. 300 years ago in Germany we had no big countries. The Holy Roman Empire was just something like a club of countries and the people had more freedom. If you didn't like your city or anything it was easily possible to move to a better neighbour country. Today that's not possible. People also didn't have to join army. This was only obligatory for slaves.

But back to topic. I think the US Army is very hard. I'm glad nobody can push me to military service...
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