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Yeah, I would have been 15. I was using the handle Shadow back in those days. I just remember the e-mail being a total "WTF?" moment, and then all the stupid forum drama that followed. Thinking back, a whole lot of things would have turned out different had I just deleted it instead of joining the big barrel of "fun."

Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

As for things going downhill under Sam, he just wasn't interested in the site the last few years. He wanted to hand it off too, but by that time there were less takers. As much as I've taken jabs at him, I understand the position. It sucks when people are looking to you to maintain something you just don't want to maintain, and something you can't find anyone to maintain. Nine in 10 volunteers bail as soon as they realize they have to work.

Also, there are a lot more emulation sites than there were back in 1996-1998: when it was Node99, Archaic Ruins, ZD or PatentPending. There is less community these days because there is no longer a "place to go" -- somewhere that has it first or does it best. And by and large, except for PS2 and Wii emulators, emulators have hit the point where people are just happy with how they work. To the general user, there isn't such a big difference in updates anymore, unless there is some strange new NES dump he wants to play.

It's not like before, where, as you said, we were all hurting for a cracked VSMC to break 15fps in [game name here]. If something like bsnes or Nintendulator is too slow, you can usually just shrug, say "Oh well," and load up Snes9x, Zsnes, FCE Ultra or mednafen.

Hrm, a Web site MIDI in 1996-97? Must have been either "Fade to Black" or Cammy's theme from Super Street Fighter II.

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