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Default Proposing a new Forum Structure

As per Soushkin's and Cornellius' suggestions and my ideas, I'd like to propose the following new forum structure:

- Emulation Talk
--- General Emulation
--- Rom Hacking
--- Emulation News
--- Submit Emulation News
- Talk of the Town
--- General Chat
--- Tech Talk
--- Gaming / Console Talk
- Website Talk
--- Announcements
--- Questions / Suggestions
--- Internal Affairs
--- Archive

These changes include
- merging Diaries and Talk of the Town into General Chat. At the moment Diaries and Talk of the Town are virtually indistinguishable from one another anyway.
- merging political discussion with General Chat. Political discussion is virtually inactive, most threads are already general chat, and politics based threads rarely come more than one at a time anyway.
- adding a Gaming / Console chat forum
- re-arranging a few things

Other proposed changes include:
- Add Graphics, Music, Movies forums (under Talk of the Town)
- Splitting Emulation Talk into subforums about different systems

What do you think?
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