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Default Snes9x GX, FCE Ultra GX, and VisualBoyAdvance GX updated

Tantric and Carl Kenner's trio of emulators for the Wii and Gamecube were recently updated (FCEUGX to 3.0.9, Snes9x GX to 4.1.0, and VBA GX to 2.0.7). Here is the list of changes for all three:
  • * Text rendering corrections
    * SMB improvements
    * Built with latest libraries
    * Video mode switching now works properly
    * Other minor bugfixes and cleanup
FCE Ultra GX was also updated to the latest FCE Ultra SVN version. As always, you can get these apps from their respective GoogleCode pages (here for FCEUGX, here for Snes9xGX, here for VBAGX). You can also find them on our Wii and Gamecube pages. You can find FCEUGX here (Wii and Gamecube), Snes9xGX here (Wii and Gamecube), and VBAGX here (Wii and Gamecube).

Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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