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I know this doesn't help at all with the Palm OS to NDS question but it may help with your Kanji. There are many resources online for learning Kanji and Japanese but probably the best free software for learning languages I have found is called Byki Express. You have to find the Kanji packs on their website but there is plenty of content for many different languages. If your lucky you may even find ones that help with speaking as well. (some of them say the words that are on flash cards)

You can read some of their content from the website without downloading anything.

You can find BYKI Express HERE.

If that doesn't help here is a good resource for learning Japanese. It's using a book we used in my Japanese class. You don't really have to have the book for the resources. They have list of Kanji exercises, etc. This might help more since you are new to the language. That way you can cover basic vocabulary and such.

Usagi-Chan's Genki Resources

Also, if you haven't learned katakana and hiragana you should do that first. These are the backbones for learning the rest of the language and you'll need to know both Kanji and these two as well.

I find Usagi-chan's resources the most helpful.

Hope this helps some. If you need help finding information on how Japanese sentence structure works, conjugation, etc. let me know. I'll dig up some more links. There is a lot to it but if you practice everyday you'll get better. But these two resources should give you plenty of Kanji to work with.
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