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Default Translation Release: Gall Force - Eternal Story

Today, I present you with the 100% complete Japanese to English translation of the game Gall Force - Eternal Story. You can say that this game is more of a mini-translation since there is not a lot of text to be translated.

As far the game is concerned, Gall Force - Eternal Story is a 2D shooter with a story based on the Gall Force Anime series. At the start of the game, you pilot the Starleaf, a space vessel armed to destroy all enemy vessels.

The objective is to rescue all of the girls that are the Solnoid crew of the Starleaf, and to destroy the Paranoids. Each time you rescue a girl, a new ability is added to the Starleaf that can be selected by pausing the game

If you wish to play this Japanese to English mini-translation, go to the page HERE, download the patch and then have fun. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!
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