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Ugly Joe is correct. I believe the S3M2NSF converter merely streams the notation back, using no macro instrumentation like regular NES sound systems.. since that's how the S3M format works. I don't have the knowledge to combine all the music into one large NSF (which wouldn't be such a big deal since the NSF would compress well via ZIP anyway) ..It's pretty obvious that the music wouldn't work in an actual game situation. If I made this music using an actual NES music driver that supported macro instrumentation, a lot of the glitches probably wouldn't happen in the music, as well..or at least they'd be less noticeable. But since it's streaming the notational information and the "instrument notation" is being simulated via the sequence itself, these versions of the songs will just be really large and not work out.

I tried Famitracker, hated it. Lol. I opted for S3M2NSF instead.

Anyway, thank you to the content managers here at Zophar who allowed me to upload this into their archive. I really appreciate it!
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