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Originally Posted by Cornellius View Post
Well, while I do think that Metallica > Megadeth, at least for me, I really love Megadeth too. I think Risk is Megadeth's St. Anger.
Exactly. It just took Metallica a few years longer to recover from their "black sheep" album. The World Needs a Hero was a good recovery album, IMO. I wonder if Metallica will be releasing an album in 2010, since it seems "coincidental" that Megadeth released United Abominations last year and Metallica released Death Magnetic this year. I mean, it's already been hinted by Dave that a new Megadeth album is gonna be released next year...I'm psyched for it.

Originally Posted by MegaManJuno View Post
Except that Risk is still miles above St. Anger on the listenable scale... Haven't heard the new Metallica one yet, but plan to pick it up. Sure Load and Reload weren't true to the old Metallica form, but still had some decent songs, IMO... and were listenable, at least. The pingy drums (and general overall sound quality) on St. Anger I think irritate me more than anything else about the album. They may have started out as a garage band, with shitty sound quality, but they aren't one now. Purposefully ruining the sound quality to somehow try to sound more "true", was just a really shitty decison in my book.
I've only heard a little of St. Anger, myself not being a big Metallica fan. What I did hear was pretty godawful. Risk? Eh, it's got a few worthwhile songs on it. "Crush 'Em", "Prince of Darkness", and "Insomnia" stand out to me. I can actually relate to Insomnia, which makes it my personal fave, and the only song off of Risk that I can actually sing the lyrics to (fairly well). As for Metallica, I like "Whiplash", "Master of Puppets", and "Insanitarium".
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