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Originally Posted by Adremalech The Wroth View Post
i have to agree with cornellius on this one i think the only reason people don't like st. anger is because its by metallica, i mean if any other band had released this album it would have been loved. but on the subject of death magnetic i love that some of the solos remind me of ride the lightning.
That may be the case in regards to St. Anger for some people, but I think I'd still feel the same way if it was another band. Disregarding the previously mentioned sound quality issues, it came across to me as a forced effort, in a way. What I mean is, they tried really hard to make longer songs, but they seemed to get lost along the way, with whole sections of songs that felt dragged out just because they could (at least it felt that way to me).

Maybe it's the reduced solos, or maybe it's something else entirely, but in any case, it really did nothing for me as a whole. I can listen to about any song on the album by itself, and somewhat appreciate it, but I can't bring myself to listen to the whole album at once (I inevitably end up changing to something else partway through any attempt to do so).

A friend and I used to joke that they got so pissed off with people stealing thier music through Napster, that they specifically crafted St. Anger to be an album nobody would want to pirate. :P
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