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I honestly think that image boards now-a-days are completely overused mainly due to 2chan/4chan's on going phenomenon, and well along with UBB Style of discussion boards they too have been overused but for the type of site this is it works best as is.

Secondly, I do believe that the smaller category setup works best for smaller forums but once we hit the magical number of 5,000 threads or ~11,000 posts you have to create sub-categories. Also something to definitely look at is to perform some sort of clean up unless you know as a fact that the said categories' threads are note worthy or have useful information worth archiving.

Third, Edman you should really look into using the sudo-cron feature in Vbulletin to clean up the inactive members here with zero posts on a regular basis. If you would like I can provide you the script needed to perform that if you don't have one or don't know how to create it. Now while over three thousand members may seem impressive at first glance to visitors at the same time it also shows how inactive your forum seems by the lack of posts the majority of your members have under the member-listing; that wont really scare away anyone who really would like to join the community but at the same time no one will be impressed by it and it creates a hassle for anyone who wishes to sign up only to find out their name is taken by an inactive member.

- Carlos
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