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Default Re: I'm still here, in the background.

Wow, I was wondering why I hadn't seen ElementZero in nearly 10 months despite this topic saying he was still here was right at the top of the pile, then it hit me why! Some idiot has bumped the topic with a completely irrelevant reply he decided to put in an ancient topic for some reason! Another mystery solved!

> First of all, I would like to compliment you guys on the
> site, it's really amazing, and I've been coming here since
> 2000 for all my emulation needs as far as programs go, and
> don't plan on getting them from anywhere else too soon.

Oh God no. If you've been getting all your emulators from here, then your collection is probably looking pretty mouldy by now. Go somewhere else.

> Secondly, I was wondering if this site IS just message
> board, and the emulation aspect is just archive, or if the
> main site is still a part that is being monitored.

There have been many proposals for redesigns/revivals, but none have got off the ground for reasons that I decline to comment upon.

> I was wondering what legal troubles you have encountered (if
> any) by having this site, and how much work goes into
> keeping a site like this running for so many years.

Very few legal troubles from what I can recall (emulators are legal, it's the ROMs that are troublesome), and a decent amount of work.

> I don't want to see Zophar die (the emulation part of it for
> sure), and would like to request that I be contacted before
> you guys take that part down (if ever), because I would
> gladly take a shot at trying to run it

It won't be going down. SwampGas tried that once, and got bombarded with e-mails asking why, offering money in case it was needed, and so on.

> I know I'm going to get flamed for this post, but meh.

Just remember that you'd have faired better had this been a new topic rather than a totally irrelevant reply to a long-dead topic.
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