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Default Re: There is no "best"

> Unless someone can prove me wrong, the top NES emulators are
> relatively equal.

Wrong. I've done several assembly hacks that worked just fine and dandy under FCEU, but would make NEStopia and Nintendulator shit themselves (Which means there's a 99% chance a real NES would crash as well). If all you do is play Mario ROMs or something, then yeah, shoddily accurate emus may be fine for you, but for somebody who does advanced ROM hacks, they don't really cut it.

Unfortunately, FCEUXD is the best debugging emu at the moment, so I have to do actual work in it, then test it on a better emulator.

Also note, that Mednafen is the continuation of FCEU (Same author), and has had many improvements to the core NES programming. It also has the NTSC filter, Reaper man.

> FCE Ultra, upon ZD's recommendation. Anyone would be hard
> pressed to suggest a feature I need that it doesn't provide.

You are aware that this site hasn't been updated since the crucifixion of Christ, right? And that the only real reason it even still exists is to give Swampgas ad revenue?
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