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Default Re: It's a good idea

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When it gets so realistic, it makes kids think "Hey, I can
do that too". How can you be so naive about this?

How can you be so cliché?
I realize you are searching for an easy solution to why things happen like they do, but video games are hardly the thing to blame.
It's just not that simple.

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Man...Are you retarded? The candy machine outside walmart
isn't suggesting a way of life that seems acceptable through
a video game. No kid reads the disclaimer, they just want
to play the game. Then they see how Tommy from GTA 3 is
ridin up and down the street on his bike and doesn't get in
shit for it until a cop sees him and starts chasing him.
Then, when Tommy gets caught, he "Dies" and starts over from
nothing. And that gives kids a bad influence, not only
towards behaviour, but towards police as well.

The candy machine with its vibrant colors could provoke a nutjob into a murdering frenzy you know, shouldn't downplay those awful deathtraps.

You really don't understand that if you let a video game influence you to the point where you base your moral values (or lack thereof) and actions upon it...that something might be wrong from the get-go?

Fucked up kid > ends up in a fight and kills someone > jail > misery.
Fucked up kid > plays violent video game > kills your bonzibuddy.
Fucked up kid > fucked up parents > rampages through the streets with sunglasses and a glock proclaiming, "I'm teh one!!1!one".
Fucked up kid > family dies > candy machine > pillages and plunders a cruise-ship.

Normal kid > superb parents > plays violent video game > wins a tekken tourney > 5-6 digit job.
Normal kid > parents who don't care > plays violent video game > writes goth emo poems and dresses in black.
Normal kid > fucked up parents > raped through the pants by Bobo Bobobo the clown > family blown up by Murdock from MacGyver > plays violent video game > starts working in telemarketing.

Until you show me an extensive psychological study that proves how normal kids will turn into murdering basketcases frothing at the cheeks and raping teddybears from playing too much God of War, I'm going to keep on proclaiming it's miniscule effects.

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You need an attitude adjustment and to lift your head out of
your ass. It's not the governments fault, but when parents
aren't doing anything, it's time to step in, especially when
it can breed bad behaviour.

Eh, dude, you can go fuck yourself and your aunt with that "Do you understand now?". Condescending behavior only means the gloves comes off and I don't care if you get insulted any more.
What you need to do doesn't involve anatomically impossibilities, no, you need to be beaten with a clue stick until you open your eyes and realize that it's not so hard to seperate this reality from another even for an 11-year-old.
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