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Default Re: It's a good idea

> No, he won't, and they aren't real people nor real places,
> it's part of a video game.

When it gets so realistic, it makes kids think "Hey, I can do that too". How can you be so naive about this?

> What you fail to grasp is that there aren't such absolutes,
> and if one such game is enough to sway Bobby Pantsless that
> much, Bobby was already sufficiently demented in the first
> place that it would hardly have made a difference. He would
> probably have been disillusioned by the candy machine
> outside Walmart.

Man...Are you retarded? The candy machine outside walmart isn't suggesting a way of life that seems acceptable through a video game. No kid reads the disclaimer, they just want to play the game. Then they see how Tommy from GTA 3 is ridin up and down the street on his bike and doesn't get in shit for it until a cop sees him and starts chasing him. Then, when Tommy gets caught, he "Dies" and starts over from nothing. And that gives kids a bad influence, not only towards behaviour, but towards police as well.

> I'm not the one at a loss here, junior.

You need an attitude adjustment and to lift your head out of your ass. It's not the governments fault, but when parents aren't doing anything, it's time to step in, especially when it can breed bad behaviour.
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