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Default Re: It's a good idea

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The argument being made is that this law *makes* it the
parents' responsibility, which I'm becoming more and more in
favor of. You seem to agree with this principle, too, why
not make it law?
Though children could still have an older friend or relative
procure the game on their behalf...


Oh the law should be made, no problem. I just hate the whole scenario and that such ridiculous laws are required, there's too many parents who can't be bothered to check what their children are doing and what their allowance is spent on.
What I strongly disagree with, however, is the effect such games have on children. There is of course a limit--- 6 year olds haven't gotten a firm grasp on this reality yet so multiple worlds only makes things fuzzy. Even so, it still only means that the parents needs to pay close attention and re-establish what is appropriate and what is not, what is real and what is not.
It only becomes a problem if left alone, and even then it's quite arguable, and the blame lay with the parents. I hope no one ever told them it'd be easy.
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