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The EarthBound Zero name had nothing to do with the hack, it was simply an easy way to differentiate between the NES and SNES games, since most people failed to pick up on the fact that the NES version was actually called Earth Bound with a space.

For an in depth history of the prototype's history, consult Lost Levels

The original hack was done to make the game work in Nesticle. The game had copy protection built in, though, which was set off by the modification, so the game had to be hacked again to eliminate said protection. There are a lot of games that were hacked to work on Nesticle that don't work on current emulators. Nesticle was the first user accessible NES emulator, but it was far from good from a technological standpoint.

I just tried the original dump (as verified by a No Intro dat) and it seems to work just fine in FCEUX. Not sure what Gotgull is referring to by "without a menu" as all of the menus show up just fine.
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