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Default Wii64/Cube64 Beta 1 released

The team over at EmulateMii have released a new beta of their Nintendo64 emulator for the Wii and Gamecube. This emulator runs quite well (especially so for a beta). Sound works, and there is Expansion Pak support in the Wii version (it would seem the Gamecube hasn't enough RAM to do it). Here is a list of changes from what (if I recall) was around the time they went private with the source (the emulator has come a long way):
Beta 1:
  • Dynamic Recompiler
  • Expansion Pak Support (Wii only)
  • New menu system
  • Classic Controller support
  • Wiimote & nunchuck support
  • Settings saving
  • Auto load/save option for saves
  • rsp_hle RSP Plugin Port
  • rsp_hle-ppc RSP Plugin
  • glN64 features & bugfixes
  • 2xSaI
  • glN64 frame buffer textures (e.g. Zelda sub screen)
  • glN64 CPU Frame buffer (for homebrew demos)
  • libDI Wii DVD ROM loading support
  • Full TLB on Wii
  • Many many bug fixes
  • MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii improved (512MBiT ROM support)
  • Memory LUTs compacted
  • glN64 Port
  • MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii (fits 32MB ROMs)
  • Save/Load on Wii Filesystem
  • Progressive video support
  • Embedded font support for Qoob users
  • Threaded audio
  • Various GX_gfx fixes
  • Reworked input plugin
  • Modular controller input
  • Developer Features submenu
  • Toggle FPS/Debug display
  • Replaced GUI
  • Menu system
  • Menu file browser
  • Replaced file handling system
  • Modular file read/writes
  • Gameplay resumable after exiting to menu
  • Game reset option
  • Multiple ROMs may be loaded without crashing/freezing
  • Fancy splash screen and credits
  • Fixed software graphics support
  • Working audio (choppy)
  • Partial support for little-endian ROMs
  • Rumble pak support
  • DVD loading
  • GX graphics
  • Software graphics
  • Any size ROM support from SD card
  • Pure Interpreter support only for now
  • Software GFX
  • Controller/Mempak support
  • Saving to SD card
  • Text UI
  • 4 MB RAM support (no expansion pack)
You can find out more over at EmulateMii (where you'll also find a link to the downloads), or you can find this new Beta here on Zophar's Domain. Click here for the Wii (Wii64) version and here for the Gamecube one (Cube64).

There is also a compatibility listing located here. There is also a support forum over on TehSkeen.
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