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Default Looking for a certain NES Emulator and SMB Hacks

I visited this site often a very long time ago, I think it was circa 1999-2003. At the time, I downloaded emulators randomly, hoping to find the very best. I came across some NES emulator but lost it a few years back. It was not very good, and I don't think it emulated music. This is because it always played a certain song every time I loaded a game, and nothing else, in a continuous loop. However, the song was really, really, really catchy. I remember it after all these years. I am trying to find this emulator. If you know of an NES emulator that played more or less one song, please post it here and I will download it and try it out.

The main games I used to play in this emulator were two hacks of the original Super Mario Bros - a hack where Mario was in a wheel chair, and a hack where Mario was in a UPS truck, I believe (I think that the whole Mario sprite was replaced with a small UPS truck, but can't recall clearly). I looked for the hacks on the hack page but couldn't find them. Does someone know if these still exist, and where to find them?

Thanks for any help.
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