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Default First Famicom/NES emulator?

Has there been research(haha) done into what Famicom/NES emulator was the first? From what I've been able to find(but I've likely not found all), it's either:

Pasofami, for the FM Towns, with a release date of May 1, 1993 in its info file.

Family Computer Emulator V0.35 for FM Towns, by "Haruhisa Udagawa", with file timestamps of December 12, 1990.

I'm inclined to believe the release date of Pasofami, but Haruhisa Udagawa's emulator seems too early, and I have to wonder if someone's clock was set incorrectly. Still, it's at least possible, the purported author coded at least part of Galaxian some years before 1990.

I've tested both in an FM Towns emulator, and both do work with simple games like Donkey Kong, so they're not fakes. Pasofami even has sound...awful ear-killing sound.

I've attached the relevant files. The forum software won't recognize extensions of "LZH" as valid, so I've added the LHarc archives to ZIP archives.
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