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D-- 03-16-2012 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by Mir_Vimes (Post 103971)
I wonder why he doesn't put ads up on his site, if he wants money?

Probably because he doesn't get the 90,000 visitors per day who click every link in site your required target audience if you hope to monetize ads, because Google AdWords doesn't pay jack shit for impressions.


Originally Posted by Mir_Vimes (Post 103971)
*Why he doesn't implement some kind of key system for his emulators?
*Why does he makes such poor business decisions - seriously, what on earth would compel a sane human being, who knows that the people who use emulators are slightly more internet savvy than most (even more so for ROM hackers), to tease this particular group of people?

My guess is he suffers from a failure of the imagination.

My guess is he has even more social problems than I do and that's saying a lot. I think generally speaking he's a smart guy who prefers to be a loner.

He does good work, and the documentation he makes available for free is valuable to everyone. Don't rag on him for being an expert in programming rather than an expert in marketing.

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