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dlevere 07-18-2020 11:46 AM

CEMU 1.20.0 Complete Setup & Optimization Guide
CEMU 1.20.0 is here and Postposterus has got you covered with everything you'll need to optimize your gaming experience. He'll equip you with the best possible settings to make your CEMU experience as EPIC as it should be.

-Guide Sections-
Updating/Installing CEMU 0:15
Update GPU Drivers PSA 1:08
Compatibility Settings 1:18
GPU Settings 1:46
Page File 2:50
CPU Settings 4:02
First Run & Initial Setup 4:50
General CEMU Settings 6:13
Input Setup - PSx Controllers 7:25
Input Setup - Xbox Controllers 8:40
Setting up Graphic Packs 9:13
Multicore Recompiler 10:37
Installing Updates + DLC 11:25


Vulkan Shader Stutter Fix:







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