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caazpidi6 01-25-2012 06:18 PM

State of the Union Speech
Another excellant Speech by Our Pres.

Well he has a lot of opposing factions,it's easy too comprehend he's demanding the wealthy folk too pay their acceptable share of the taxes...and gosh darn it rich persons are upset about that,enterprises went over seas many years before Obama was commander and chief,so dont blame him for joblessness.The Pres. doesnt have hiring control over every business ; place the blame where it belongs! If companies didnt go over seas their would be more jobs and their would be less folk without work,food stamps,public asst ! Place the accountability where it's due ......he said no more bailouts,ok we were given that one covered,4 trillion toward national debt,that's a start..it's going to take more than 1 term in office for him too undo the Bush policies who should be gettin the blame...it would be pleasant if the govt would prevent the oil companies from upping their prices,that would help, they have enough money;their just blinded by the greed

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