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The 9th Sage 08-20-2009 03:33 PM

Atari++ v1.57
Thomas Richter has released a new version of his Atari++ emulator. Here is what you'll see in this new Windows version:
  • Fixed a couple of issues in the GUI, specifically when entering data into string gadgets.
  • Fixed again a couple of exception handling issues in the menu.
  • Made the keypad stick configurable, the keys for joystick emulation are now part of the configuration.
  • Added a dummy front-end, "NONE", that does not render anything to the screen.
  • This release supports .CAS images; however, they are not part of a C: (tape) emulation, but emulated as disks. Depending on the contents of the tape archive, the disk is either considered a boot disk, a binary or a basic file.
  • This release supports better disk support for BASIC and MAC/65 files. If you insert such a file into the emulated disk drive, the emulator
    will build a DOS 2.0S compatible disk structure around it and you can load the image from the emulated disk as D:PROGRAM.BAS or D:PROGRAM.ASM. Note that such disks are *not* bootable, you first need to boot, and then turn on the emulated disk drive.
You can get this new release over on our Atari pages.

via Bazzie Bizzle.com

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