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Crazy_MYKL 10-06-2006 09:39 AM

With unprecedented freedom I now look in with a dark glee casting its sly shadows across my face. I can feel the heat pulsing in my lower regions as she pauses, turns, and tears the moaning face from his deformed skull, momentarily sucking on his cranial matter before wearing his face like Batman would his cowl. I cannot hold back any longer; I whip it out and I squeeze tight. Once, twice, three times it comes in a fantastic brilliance only nature could provide. I cannot describe the turgid pressure in my hands at that time, yet I am certain there are words that escape me now and only now. It was a joyous explosion of energy released in perfect timing to her money shot -- she pranced around now, away from his corpse, drooling fetid strings of infectious saliva across her ample abdomen, over her arms and even across her mask. I replaced my toy into it's denim prison in my pants, and stood back, exhausted. The look of evil self-satisfaction that had played its merry song across my sweat-ridden face lay only in pockets of darkness created by my shadowy hiding hole. It was a liberating experience, to feel such tumescence in my hands again as I pressed all the right buttons to get off the shots I had been saving for weeks in my sticky, unchanged pants. I wiped my sweaty hands free of the muck on my shirt and relaxed.

The above is a description of a photographer enjoying the mating rituals of a praying mantid. Thank you for you attention to this urgent matter.
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The 9th Sage 10-06-2006 03:55 PM

Re: !!!
So...praying mantises turn him on, eh?
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