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gutzsant 08-31-2010 11:37 PM

WinArcadia and AmiArcadia v14.27
A new release of these Arcadia 2001 emulators for Windows and Amiga is available. These are the changes:

14.27 [OS3.5+][Windows][MOS?][OS4?]: Wed 1 Sep 2010. 230th release.

  • Malzak: improved graphics emulation.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
  • aa: removed NEWSCREEN functionality; colours were bad anyway.
  • incorporated Stefan's latest German translation and user's guide changes.
  • aa: created dir.txt in empty directories to avoid broken WinRAR unpacking.
  • aa: arexx: changed and improved HELP command.
  • aa: arexx: added OPENGAMEINFO and CLOSEGAMEINFO commands.
  • wa: fixed: subwindows weren't being reopened when reopening the main window.
  • wa: fixed: rapid clicks on sidebar were being missed.
  • incorporated Damaso's latest Spanish translation.
  • malzak: fixed inverted tile issue.
  • changed "flag line:" entry in game info subwindow from yes/no to on/off.
Get them at the author's website. They'll be later available in ZD, Windows version here and the Amiga version here.

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