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SwampGas 02-24-2002 07:19 AM

the shit
this girl i'm with...asked her out on february 24th, 2000. not because i wanted to, but because she wanted me to and she was a cute cheerleader.

it's always been a lying bitch since day 1...i know people exagerate and say that when they're angry...but trust me....it's true.

i kept forgiving her and forgiving her...

last year, she ruined my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, new years....every single special day...i don't want to get into details...

since last summer, we've gotten into a fight every single day. that is not an exageration. every...single...day. this morning, she had a realization that she didn't want to be mean anymore...and she couldn't live without me...and she was going to put everything into changing and being nice.

had a bad night at the club..always do. she came towards the end. afterwards, i went outside with her and sat in the car...didn't say a word. i wanted 5 mins of relaxing quiet time before we went out to eat. she ditched me...slammed the car door really hard.

i sit there and listen to her and be there for her when she's having a bad day...hell, i sat and listened to her last night 20 mins...but god forbid me have a lousy day and want to relax and talk.

so here i am again...pissed off, upset...at her....on our 2 year anniversary.

i just dumped her a few minutes ago...again...on our 2 year anniversary.

and you know what, i don't give a fuck if you don't care. i don't give a fuck what you think...i'm getting things out..so the hell with you and your pissy little problems. i should lock this.

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SwampGas 02-24-2002 10:39 AM

Re: the shit
here it is, 3 hours later...i'm already beginning to think about it now...

how come i always end up caving in? it's just gonna happen again...

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punjman 02-24-2002 04:02 PM

Re: the shit

Since this girl is your girlfriend, and there is no real binding laws that should keep you two together, I say dump the crazy bitch, and leave it at that. Mind you, i mean no offense when i say crazy bitch, (just in case you were about to get upset). But you dont need that. There are a billion other girls out there, (well, at least 3.5 billion). This girl, even though you think she's right for you, ISN'T. A girl that's right for you doesnt argue all the time. Sure you might get into a disagreement every now and then, it happens to me and my wife, but that girl is gonna be the right one. I can tell this woman has some issues if she starts some kind of argument every day. If you didnt say a word, and then she gets miffed, then leaves by a doorslam, then shes got some issues. I say forget about her, even if you do still like/love/lust her. Just get on with life, she probably will to. Its hard to accept, but it's probably for the best.

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cipher 02-24-2002 04:36 PM

Re: the shit
Fuck her. Don't cave.

There will be others.

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Richter X 02-24-2002 05:57 PM

Re: the shit
Leave her. Like the others said, there's other girls out there better than her. Don't end up married to someone you can't stand. That's why so many families are so fucked up in today's world!

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Goku 02-25-2002 01:42 AM

Re: the shit
Hi There

Regardless of everything, you know whats best for you. In this situation you must be really selfish. This is your life, so do the best for yourself. Also ask yourself these questions if you do decide not to break up:

1. Are you exaggerating the problems. Meaning do things seems so bad right now because your angry. Like, maybe your blowing things out of porportion

2. She really is a liar. But you don't want to break up with her because your are scared that you will never find another good looking girl again. If this is the case, you have a self esteem issue to work on. Last time i had trouble with a woman similar to this i hit the gym. A good workout releases endorphins whiich give you a natural high which makes everything seem better. Its good for the soul too (from my experience).

3. Your happy with the status quo. Maybe not happy, but your not unhappy enough to be motivated to change it. So, you dont want to break up even if it is for the best

Im going to bet on 1. I dont know how one person can ruin so many days. Be honest with yourself.

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