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rimsky82 07-21-2009 02:53 PM

I'm developing a new site for cheats, designed specifically for emulators. You can export any and all cheats for any supported emulator with a couple of clicks.

I need help adding codes to the db! A lot of codes are added, but I need more. Sign up (free) and help me out! Or at least check it out...


rimsky82 06-07-2010 04:21 AM

I'm resurrecting this old topic to say the site is full of cheats, and is getting better and better.

[URL="http://exportcheats.com"]http://exportcheats.com[/URL] is the new url, anyone can sign up and add codes. There is also a confirmation system for weeding out bad codes, and a request system is being developed for codes that you want and never had!

Without signing up, you can download cheat files for many supported emulators for a single game, or as a full pack. For developers, there is a way to import cheat files formatted for your emulator directly. If your emulator isn't supported, it doesn't take long to add the support for it. All I need to know is the correct format.

All codes are stored as address/value combinations, and converted on the fly for maximum accuracy, so no more genie typos.

Check it out.

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