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Sarz 12-31-2015 03:08 AM

anyone looking for friends on here :P


chiefmonkey 12-31-2015 03:35 AM

In 2002, yes.

Sarz 12-31-2015 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by chiefmonkey (Post 107756)
In 2002, yes.

so im only 13-14 years behind :P

mumblejockey 01-11-2016 12:06 PM

I sometime do. LOL

Sarij 01-31-2016 06:16 AM

Hi everyone, what games you guys playing? lol

pipes 02-27-2016 07:48 AM

I'm surprised that even though that the retro trend is retrending not much is going on here.

Sarz 02-27-2016 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Sarij (Post 107793)
Hi everyone, what games you guys playing? lol

Vandal hearts but i should be done soon it is not a long game :P

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