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Kyra Succubus 05-03-2019 02:19 AM

Problem Playing Chiptunes Containing VCR7 Sound
I'm trying to play chiptunes from Lagrange point, a NES / Famicom game which uses the VRC7 sound chip. I've used six different players and get the same weirdness on each of them. In some parts of the songs, the volume will go to about 50% quieter, then return to normal. It does this repeatedly about every 20 seconds.

Do I need a plug-in for this, another player, etc.? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :3

Reaper man 05-03-2019 05:55 PM

From my understanding, it was only very recently (read: months) that they were able to reverse engineer VRC7 enough to produce accurate sound. Chances are good that most playing are just too out of date to play it accurately. Have you tried running it through a more modern emulator like say mesen, or bizhawk?

Kyra Succubus 05-05-2019 08:06 PM

Thanks for replying. :)

I looked up those programs, but I'm simply looking to play the chiptune files, while not actually launching the game from an emulator. Unless there's an option here I'm overlooking?

Edman 05-05-2019 08:09 PM

Can you post a link to the tunes?

Kyra Succubus 05-05-2019 08:10 PM


Edman 05-05-2019 08:13 PM

foobar2000 is the best player for that.

You will need a plugin, not 100% certain which one it was but I think

Kyra Succubus 05-05-2019 08:26 PM

I made sure I had the latest version of foobar2000. Then I installed that plug-in, applied the changes, and restarted the program. I'm still having the same problem. :(

Maybe I still don't have the right plug-in, or perhaps there's something wrong with the chiptune files? I've downloaded some normal chiptunes on here that have had problems before, but I'm more inclined to think this has something to do with the VRC7 aspect.

Edman 05-05-2019 08:29 PM

Well, I just downloaded the NSF from the page you linked and pulled it into foobar2000 and it worked fine.

So there is something wrong with your foobar2000 setup.

This is a printout of the plugins I have installed


Core (2016-12-21 21:14:22 UTC)
foobar2000 core 1.3.14
foo_adpcm.dll (2018-03-25 11:26:47 UTC)
kode54's ADPCM decoders 1.12
foo_albumlist.dll (2016-12-21 21:13:00 UTC)
Album List 4.5
foo_cdda.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:32 UTC)
CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_converter.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:30 UTC)
Converter 1.5
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2016-12-21 21:13:06 UTC)
Equalizer 1.2
foo_dsp_resampler_mod2.dll (2018-03-25 11:27:24 UTC)
SoX Resampler mod2 0.8.3 mod2
foo_dsp_std.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:54 UTC)
Standard DSP Array 1.3.1
foo_dumb.dll (2018-10-17 18:36:10 UTC)
DUMB module decoder 2.0.3
foo_fileops.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:02 UTC)
File Operations 2.2.2
foo_freedb2.dll (2016-03-30 11:45:14 UTC)
Online Tagger 0.7
foo_gep.dll (2018-03-25 16:16:07 UTC)
Game Emu Player 1.213
foo_input_gsf.dll (2018-03-25 16:16:35 UTC)
GSF Decoder 3.0.5
foo_input_ht.dll (2017-02-19 09:45:04 UTC)
Highly Theoretical 2.0.48
foo_input_monkey.dll (2018-03-25 16:17:43 UTC)
Monkey's Audio Decoder 2.1.9
foo_input_s98.dll (2018-03-25 11:29:34 UTC)
S98 input 1.11
foo_input_std.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:48 UTC)
FFmpeg Decoders 3.2.2
Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_input_tak.dll (2018-03-25 16:18:39 UTC)
TAK Decoder 0.4.8
foo_input_usf.dll (2017-02-19 09:45:16 UTC)
LazyUSF 2.2.39
foo_input_vgmstream.dll (2019-05-05 19:24:36 UTC)
vgmstream plugin r1050-2290-g041cfa37
foo_input_vio2sf.dll (2018-03-25 16:14:38 UTC)
2SF Decoder 0.24.13
foo_midi.dll (2018-03-25 16:17:26 UTC)
MIDI Player 2.0.22
foo_openmpt54.dll (2018-10-17 18:36:45 UTC)
OpenMPT component (kode54 fork) 0.3.12+1
foo_psf.dll (2018-03-25 16:16:54 UTC)
Highly Experimental 2.2.3
foo_rgscan.dll (2016-03-30 11:44:24 UTC)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.2.2
foo_sid.dll (2017-02-19 09:45:33 UTC)
sidplay2 1.35
foo_snesapu.dll (2018-03-25 16:18:14 UTC)
SNESAPU input 0.83
foo_ui_std.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:40 UTC)
Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_unpack.dll (2016-12-21 21:12:14 UTC)
ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.8

Kyra Succubus 05-06-2019 03:19 AM

Dang, that's a lot. :o

Is there perhaps a zip of all these available for download somewhere?

Edman 05-06-2019 03:22 AM


That said, most of these have nothing to do with NSF. And you already have a lot of them installed by default. There's maybe 10 plugins I have installed myself, which you can discern by searching for "foo_" and comparing it to your list.

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