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Xeon3D 07-20-2008 09:32 PM

Post your video game console collection!

I know that some of us have quite the collection of retro consoles and maybe even some old computers. I think it would be fun if we could post a list or even better some photos of our collections.

I'll start, but just with my small list since I have no digital camera.

  • Nintendo GC, 2 Pads, 2 MC's, a CD Wallet full of "backups" (bought it like this)
  • Sega MegaDrive 1st gen, 2 Pads, 13 to 15 games
  • Sony Playstation 1st gen, 1 pad, 3 or 4 games
  • Xbox 1.6, 2 pads, softmodded with 40gb hd for XBMC
  • Sony Playstation 2, 1 pad, 1 16Mb MC, Softmodded with FreeMCBoot & ESR
  • Nintendo DS Lite Black, 2 Original games (Mario & Zelda), 3rd Gen FlashCart
  • Sega Dreamcast, 4-pads, 2 MC, 2 Vibration units, 5 or 7 original games

Also, I got a Commodore 1084s where most of the consoles are plugged in. It's a nifty little screen almost as old as I am.

There was a time where I had lots (duplicates mostly) of old consoles, but then I was really out of cash and had to sell em.

Cornellius 07-20-2008 11:23 PM

Well, I have:

- Nintendo
- Nintendo Super Nintendo
- Sony Playstation 1 (Died)
- Sony Playstation 2
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Nintendo Wii
- Coco III

Lillymon 07-21-2008 12:13 AM

Sony PlayStation (unused now)
Nintendo 64 (also unused)
Nintendo GameCube (again, unused)
Sony PlayStation 2 (occasional usage)
Nintendo DS (frequent usage)
Nintendo Wii (frequent usage)

I used to have a SNES as well, but not any more.

Reaper man 07-21-2008 12:36 AM

...I'm sorry but I honestly cant see anything 5th generation and up as Retro

as for me, the earliest thing I currently own is a PS2, so sadly I don't own anything retro. At least, not any more.

Lillymon 07-21-2008 12:42 AM


Originally Posted by Reaper man (Post 80395)
...I'm sorry but I honestly cant see anything 5th generation and up as Retro

I sometimes think that too, but then I look at the original Japanese release date for the PlayStation.

3 December 1994

I was eight.

Cornellius 07-21-2008 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by Lillymon (Post 80390)
Nintendo GameCube (again, unused)

Yeah, since the Wii can play Gamecube games, it (Gamecube) rests in the closet collecting dust.

The 9th Sage 07-21-2008 03:39 AM

AS far as systems, I have a Nintendo 64, used to have a Gamecube (and I have the Wii now for that), and a busted up SNES that I'm pretty sure works still. I also have a messed up CD-i that doesn't work (yeah, I know...I was going to use it to play those terrible Zelda games :D). I also have an NDS.

I don't have a Playstation, but I do have games for it...I just use my computer for them.

ToastyCheesy 07-21-2008 04:05 AM

wow, I used to have everything out as if it were on display, but now I just keep it all in some boxes. I have:

-NES 5 pads, power pad, 2 zappers, about 150 games
-SNES 3 pads, superscope, about 30 games
-3 old school game boys, 1 gameboy pocket, 3 gameboy colors, about 20 games
-sega genesis / cd / master system top attachment, 3 pads, about 30 games (12 of which being sega cd, 4 being master system)
-playstation, 4 pads, sadly no memory cards anymore.. , about 55 games ( last year's dollar bin helped that... couldn't resist)
-2 game boy advances, 1 gba sp, about 11 games
-nintendo 64, 3 pads, 2 rumble paks, 1 controller pak, 2 transfer packs, about 14 games
-sega dreamcast, 4 pads, 4 VMS's, 2 rumble pak things, keyboard, mouse, broadband adaptor, about 25 games
-playstation 2 4 pads (same 4 of ps1 above) 2 memory cards, online adaptor, hard drive, about 20 games
-gamecube... one broken pad, one broken game boy player, 3 memory cards, about 10 games

I just keep my eye open for stuff now, there have been time I almoast buy a saturn but then I decide that $50 or $75 is way too much to be paying in the year 2008.

I used to have an amiga computer I got a long way back... I can't seem to remember what happened to it. I got a packard bell sometime after that though.

Alot of the pre 1996 stuff was handmedowns... after that I was actually aware of the stuff I was buying... instead of getting a large brown paper bag everyonce in a while with random things.

Xeon3D 07-21-2008 04:05 AM


Originally Posted by Lillymon (Post 80397)
I sometimes think that too, but then I look at the original Japanese release date for the PlayStation.

3 December 1994

I was eight.

Offtopic: I always thought you were older. Damn! Guess I'm older than you after all!

AkaneJones 07-21-2008 06:19 AM

-Nes; 2 Controllers, 1 Zapper, 2 worthless wireless controllers
-Snes; 2 Controllers(1 busted), Super Gameboy
-Gamegear; Ac adapter(broken), screen magnifier
-N64; 2 Controllers(1 third party), 1 Memory cart, Extended Ram thing, Gameboy lock-on adapter
-Gamecube; 1 Controller, 2 memory cards(1 small, 1 large), GBA player, GBA=GC link cable
-GBA; Ac adapter(Slightly damaged), Wireless adapter, GBA headphones(semi broken)
-DS; Castlevania Stylus(glued back together)
-Wii, 1 Wiimote + nunchuk

Oh my sister took the Atar with her as well as her Playstation so that doesn't count. There is still an Apple ][e around here with; joystick, koala pad, two drives, ribbon printer, some kind of replacement colour monitor.

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