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psphaker 11-08-2008 07:02 AM

homebrew on PSP slim
if you want emulators for psp slim go to this link.


this emulator pack should be compatible with most firmwares.
this encludes...
daedelus i do not recommend this if you want a nintendo 64 emulation for psp slim get daedelusR14
070 this is for hue emulating
nesterj nes emulation
pico drive genesis emulation
snes9xtyl snes emulation
UO_gpSP_kai2 game boy advanced emulation
masterboy something to run you're emulators on Note:this runs with compressed roms
4888_homersrin_v32 this is a game boy color emulation this is not in the emulation pack but if you want it then get it
psp2600 atari2600 emulator
psp7800 atari7800 emulator
pspatari atari emulator
cps1psp cps1 emultor
pspmsx msx emulator
ignore the other emulators unless you want to go through howers of boredom like i did lol

GAME folder
pico drive

daedelus R14

Note:if you do not have these folders then make them

please let me know if you need eanny help ( :

Lillymon 11-08-2008 10:36 PM

Meh, doesn't look like a bot and I don't see any referral links or anything stupid like that (the link doesn't actually seem to work though), so I'm leaving this one here. Still borderline spam though, stuff like this should only be posted as a response to requests, not as a topic on its own. Consider this a warning.

psphaker 11-09-2008 06:18 AM

ok i have fixed the link and updated some emulators to :)

Reaper man 11-10-2008 04:16 PM

well, I took a look at it, and it seems that it is what he says. his topic title is a bit bot like though, so I'm oging to change that (also becasue it would make more sense to just put something like homebrew for PSP slim)

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