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martini 02-07-2021 01:41 AM

Speccy and AlmostTI Emulators Updated

Hello, All!

This week, I updated AlmostTI and Speccy emulators for Android. See
below for all the changes.

AlmostTI 3.0.3 -- Texas Instruments Graphing Calcs Emulator for Android
* Fixed mismatching touch keyboard issue.
* Fixed black screen when starting in landscape orientation.
* Fixed failure to find ROM files on Android 11.

Speccy 5.6.2 -- Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupe Emulator for Android
* Fixed opening files from File Managers and other apps.
* Fixed file selection UI on newer AndroidTV devices.
* Enabled adding home screen shortcuts on newer devices.

Also, Speccy Deluxe, the complete version of Speccy is on $2.99 sale at
Google Play until next Tuesday:


Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

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