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Genbu 11-13-2020 03:45 AM

Ojamajo Doremi - English translation
I have chosen to keep to standard English in my translation for Sega Pico, PlayStation and PC

List Games (Sega Pico)
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi
Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan!

List Games (PlayStation)
Oja Majo Doremi Sharp: Mahodou Dance Carnival!
Motto! Oja Majo Doremi: Mahodou Smile Party
Oja Majo Doremi Dokkan!: Mahodou Eigo Festival
Oja Majo Doremi Dokkan!: Nijiro Paradice

List Games (PC)
Ojamajo Doremi Shoot
Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams
Magical Heroines Plus!
Ojamajo Fighters

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