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Goro's Lair 11-01-2008 11:16 PM

Battletoads - Level # 11 (NES) and Lost Vikings 2 (SNES)!
Dear Friends.

I hope everything is doing fine to everyone.

This is my first post and, more exactly, I'd like to suggest (to whom it may be concern) the creation of two hacks:

1 - Lost Vikings 2 (SNES). Lost Vikings 1 (for GENESIS) is for up to 3 players simultaneous, and I believe that Lost Vikings 2 for SNES can have the same option (3 players simultaneous instead of 2 players only). As I could see in older posts overhere, one guy has created a hack for Secret of Evermore (2 players) and other guy has created a hack for Seiken Densetsu 3 (3 players). Under these conditions, I can only figure out this possibility can be properly done. So, that's my first suggestion.


2 - Battletoads (U)[!] for NES, on level # 11 (Gargantua - Clinger-winger), the right clinger-winger (for the toad Zitz, while in 1 player mode, both takes the left clinger-winger and works fine) doesn't move when played by 2 players simultaneously. I could see that this bug was fixed on GENESIS version, Battletoads (E) and Battletoads (J), both for NES. So, I thought: is it possible to fix that bug in NES version (U)? The ROM versions are Battletoads NES (U)[!] - with the bug - and Battletoads GENESIS (U)[!] and Battletoads (E)[!] - that haven't got the problem.

In advance, thank you very much for your attention and help!

Every success to everyone overhere!


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