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Decimus 06-12-2010 05:54 PM

Can't load saved states in TGB-Dual
Hi, I am sure this is a newbie problem, but I can't get saved states to load in TGB_Dual.

When I run the rom, and go to save states, all my saved states are all there, but if i go to load state, it's gray. So I can not load any of my saved states.

help me please

InVerse 06-12-2010 06:36 PM

What version of TGB Dual are you using? If it's not Vol 8 then get the newest version from the author's site.

I've never used TGB Dual before but I just tested it and didn't have any problem loading save states. Just to be clear, you are using save states made with TGB Dual and not trying to load save states from another emulator, right? And you are referring to the instant save states made by the emulator and not battery saves made by the game, right?

Assuming you're using TGB Dual for the linking feature, you might try VBA-M. It has linking support either but apparently it's still a bit buggy.

The 9th Sage 06-14-2010 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by The Drunken Hacker (Post 100023)
Assuming you're using TGB Dual for the linking feature, you might try VBA-M. It has linking support either but apparently it's still a bit buggy.

Hm, I wasn't aware VBA-M had linking support now. Buggy or not, it's almost got to be better than that old version of vanilla VBA floating around that has link support.

supergamer 06-21-2010 10:49 AM

It depends what emulator you are using, if its VBA, I can sort of help. You go to File -> Import -> Battery File, save the file to a location. Upon opening TGB Dual in slot 1, it should recognise the .sav battery file, you'll need to have another game like pokemon blue saved for eg follow the same steps as above and load in slot 2 this time to make the trade successful.

However my VBA did not recognise my .sav files and only the .gb files which are the ROMS, I was very annoyed and have lost an 1 hr of game play only thankfully.

Good luck and let us know if it works Decimus.

pityzai 07-03-2010 01:55 PM

I understand Decimus's problem very very well because I'm facing exactly the same problem:

I have been using VBA all the while for the game and up until yesterday i decided to use the trading feature, it turns out that I have to use TGB dual to do trading and I'm currently figuring out how to make TGB_dual read VBA save files, I read somewhere when I google.. something like renaming the .sv0 (or .sv1 .sv2 etc.) files to .sa0 (.sa1 etc.) that TGB_dual can read.. but it turns grey when I try to load this renamed save files..

For your information Im on pokemon silver.. I have been playing for only 2 days.. but its 82 hours of game play record in the game.. cant afford to lose it man...... cuz I caught Lugia Hu-Oh and all 3 legendary dogs.. now having hardcore training to defeat Red then look for mewtwo


InVerse 07-03-2010 02:25 PM

If you can manage 82 hours of gameplay in only 48 hours of actual time, I would think you could just send your save state through your wormhole and have it come out in the proper format.

Edit: Also, you're all officially idiots. I just started up a game of Pokemon Blue (US version) in VBA-M, saved the game, loaded the ROM up in TGB Dual and loaded my save game just fine. Then I moved around a bit, saved the game in TGB Dual, loaded the ROM up in VBA-M and, once again, the save file loaded just fine.

I didn't have to do any reloading or renaming or anything else, I simply copied my save file from my VBA-M save directory to my TGB Dual save directory. I'm using VBA-M v1.8.0 (SVN945) and TGB Dual vol.8. Make sure you're using the battery save (the .sav file) and not an emulator generated save state (.sgm in VBA-M, no idea what it is in TGB since I'm using a version with non-English menus.)

If you still can't load your save game between the two emulators, you're probably too stupid to play Pokemon. And if you're too stupid to play Pokemon, then we remind your caretaker that they're paid to wipe the drool off of your chin and keep you from sticking your finger in the electrical outlet, not to post messages on the Internet on your behalf.

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