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Reaper man 10-15-2008 03:26 AM


Originally Posted by Cornellius (Post 83507)
Hey, for the staffers who are hiding, give Gutzsant a hand for god sake :P If you don't have enough time to put on ZD, tell the mods so they can bring other who have more time. It's nothing to be shameful about, it happens.

Actually I've been thinking about pruning the staff list myself. There are way too many content managers that haven't done shit at all. Hell they haven't even posted.
Hopefully after that we'll have a more accurate look of the staff here.

Update: I pruned a good portion of users that had 0 posts (I didn't delete them mind you, I only removed them from the group). There are a few on here that were here for a little while, then just disappeared (one of them was probably my doing, ha!)
I'll send PMs to them later to see if they still are going to contribute or not.

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