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Schnapple 09-22-2018 03:29 PM

Virtual Boy emulator VR for the iPhone and Google Cardboard VR
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Moderator's Note: This is a source code test and is not a binary release of the software yet. For the moment it is more interesting for software developers.

I (Schnapple) have created a Virtual Boy emulator for the iPhone that uses Google's Cardboard VR SDK to achieve the 3D effect. When used in conjunction with any phone VR headset and an MFi controller like the SteelSeries Nimbus you can experience the games in 3D like on an original unit.


The emulation code is based on Provenance and its use of Mednafen's Virtual Boy core. Essentially, I took a subset of Provenance and Mednafen and grafted in the Google Cardboard iOS SDK and added a custom interface for game selection.


The source code is here: [url]https://github.com/tomkidd/VirtualBoyVR-iOS[/url]

A long article where I explain the process on how I did it is here: [url]https://schnapple.com/virtual-boy-emulator-for-ios-using-google-cardboard-vr/[/url]

To run this yourself you'll need an iPhone, a Mac, Xcode, an Apple Developer Account, an MFi controller, and your own ROM images and cover art. Explanations on how to include the ROMs and covers are at the GitHub link.

Hopefully someone here likes this and finds it interesting :)

martini 10-05-2018 03:28 PM

Excellent proof of concept and very good article. Thanks for sharing. I hope your project can generate a release that non-developer can use on an iphone.

Thanks for sharing the source code !!!

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