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Edman 02-21-2018 10:30 AM

Music update February 21, 2018
The following music has been added to the site:

Playstation 3 (PSF3)

Playstation Portable PSP

Nintendo DS (2SF)

Playstation (PSF)

Sega Saturn (SSF)

Xbox 360

Nintendo 64 (USF)

Nintendo 3DS (3SF)

Sega Dreamcast (DSF)

TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

rivers5000 11-30-2018 04:22 AM


I've noticed the Soundtrack of "Gauntlet Legends" (N64) seems to be extremely broken. Tracks freeze in the middle, resulting in noisy interruptions. Maybe you can check if your rip is broken in itself or just the upload?

All the best, rivers

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