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thedarkbanshee 03-27-2018 07:21 AM

Rom hack submission editing
I submitted as hack for super mario kart but forgot to add the read me file. This read me file is absolutely required because it is not a normal patch. My rom hack requires 2 patches and needs that explanation, otherwise the game will run with a single normal patch which can load and get threw the menus except the game play and visuals are corrupt. Is there a way to edit this as it is a pending submission or should I request to have it removed and then I can resubmit.

Montie2k 03-28-2018 11:56 PM

Re-send it; we will disregard the older upload.

thedarkbanshee 03-29-2018 05:10 AM

Awsome. Thanks for the understanding.

thedarkbanshee 03-30-2018 06:33 AM

I resubmitted as requested. The file is titled Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition Alt battle.

thedarkbanshee 03-30-2018 07:25 AM

Note I also submitted Super Mario Kart - Battle lives. This set is completely new and not part of Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition Alt battle. It if a perfect submission.

Reaper man 03-31-2018 02:49 PM

This might be a really stupid question, but why not make a patch from the the ROM with the two patches already applied?

thedarkbanshee 03-31-2018 05:46 PM

I have tried this. It causes corruptions. I think it trys to apply the differences but does not match up so it applys and appears to work. This corrupt ver. even loads and is capiple of getting threw the menus absolutely flawlessly but once the gameplay start it is a mess. So it has to patch a otiginal rom to the ips that was made before I made it and then it needs the ips patch for my updates. I know of a way to fix this and make it a single patch. In doing so it would loose its theme. Well I think there is a way to make it a single patch and not liose its theme but I would have to test it. Anyway I got a bunch if these I made abd it would take consitterable effort to go threw all of that when it could easily be patched twice.

dlevere 10-02-2018 09:20 AM


Is there a way to add Xbox original submissions for hacks and translations?

Also can you add NEC PC-9801 as a system option?
We are working on these 2 requests.

Edman 04-14-2020 05:27 AM

I added a NEC PC-9801 translation category!

MrRichard999 04-14-2020 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Edman (Post 131975)
I added a NEC PC-9801 translation category!

Thank you Edman :)

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