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mGalaxy 12-28-2019 11:07 AM

mGalaxy v7.6 released
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mGalaxy v7.6 has been released:
  • [New] MySNES theme.
  • [New] 'Menu' window with shortcuts to all other windows (default key: m)
  • [New] 'VJ One' screensaver.
  • [Improved] (mGalaxy_Runway) Import from 'Medium' images (e.g. cartridge stickers)
  • [Improved] Controller window: keys combination (like Ctrl-A) are now allowed.
  • [Fixed] The local music play is now working when no internet connection is available.

More info and download on [url]http://www.mgalaxy.com[/url]

"mGalaxy is an emulator launcher (also called 'emulators frontend') for arcade, console and computer games for the Windows platform."

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