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The 9th Sage 08-23-2009 05:34 AM

GP2Xpectrum for the Wiz v1.8
SplinterGU has released a new version of his GP2Xpectrum port to the Wiz. There are a lot of little changes in this one, mostly to the emulator's interface:
  • Confirmation before compressing
  • Option to delete roms and directories (with confirmation)
  • You can browse any directory depth (always within roms /)
  • Up to 16,384 entries per directory
  • Corrections in some controls on the Linux version
  • Now the browser displays the screenshot roms rom each (support SNA and Z80 sp)
  • You can zoom in the screenshots (vol + and vol-).
  • Internally normalizes the color screen to 1
  • Linux uses scaled to 640x480 mode (not used softened, just a normal scale)
  • Volume control chart
  • Browser faster refresh the directory or when exiting a game
You can obtain this new release by visiting the GP32 Spain forums, or you can waddle on over to our GP2Xpectrum page to have a go.

via TehSkeen.com

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