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Changeling 05-04-2009 08:25 AM

PC Cell Phone Game Emulation (.jar Files)
Hello everyone at Zophars Domain! I've been using this site for years, it's excellent.

I have a question.

I would like to play the two original Metal Gear games. They were re-released on the cell phone and with Subsistence. My PS2 is broken and I can't afford to buy a PS3 so I was wondering if there was a cell phone emulator that actually works and is decent.

I say that because, I've searched high and low on Google and I've found about five different "emulators". Now these are programs that look like a cell phone on your screen with all the buttons and they are just kind of stupid. Not only that they don't load the games anyway.

What I have in mind is, you know a decent emulator. Full screen, 2XSai, that type.

The frustrating thing is that I know one exists because this person has one.

You may be asking yourself why doesn't he play the original MSX versions? Well, the re-releases are cool because they have updated translations and several other extra options that would be cool to have.

You will earn some good karma if you wouldn't mind helping me.

Thanks so much!

Isildur 05-04-2009 07:27 PM

There appear to be a number of options:
The emulator included in Sun's Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly called J2ME Toolkit) for developers
Emulators that are included in development toolkits for various phones
A Java-WebStart-based emulator at mpowerplayer.com

Changeling 05-05-2009 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by Isildur (Post 88665)
There appear to be a number of options:
[URL="http://java.sun.com/products/sjwtoolkit/download-2_3.html"]The emulator included in Sun's Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly called J2ME Toolkit) for developers[/URL]
[URL="http://developers.sun.com/mobility/midp/articles/emulators/"]Emulators that are included in development toolkits for various phones[/URL]
[URL="http://webstart.mpowerplayer.com/index.jad"]A Java-WebStart-based emulator at mpowerplayer.com[/URL]

Thanks for your reply Isildur, but those are the ones I tried. None of them work, how are you supposed to open the game in the Java toolkit?

Isildur 05-06-2009 01:29 AM

When following the step-by-step instructions for Midp3Exe to which I linked above, midp2exe worked perfectly for me, other than the screen not being resizable. I tried it with multiple games. It works.

Next up I'll try the mpowerplayer one. You need Java installed for this one. Aaaand.... yep, this one also works fine for me (No sound on my Linux netbook, but that must be because Java is misconfigured on my netbook, because the sound works fine for me on my XP laptop.) Once again, screen not resizable.

Those are the easiest ones. As for the SDK, let's see... I'd better double-check that I have Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or higher already installed... yup... ok, downloading the Wireless SDK..... double-clicking on sun_java_wireless_toolkit-2.5.2_01-win.exe... installing (oops, I wasn't logged on as Administrator)...done. Now I go to Start Menu > Sun Java(TM) Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2_01 for CLDC > Run MIDP Application

Ok, this one apparently requires a .jad file along with the .jar. Ok, I'm testing with Zelda Mobile... and it works fine. Yet again, the screen size isn't configurable, but otherwise it works perfectly. (Wow, Zelda Mobile sure sounds incredibly better on my laptop than it does on my phone.)

If you have Windows XP (and Java 1.4.2 or higher for the Java programs) all three of these should work fine. (Except the toolkit one requires a .jad (Java Archive Descriptor) file in addition to the .jar (Java ARchive) file. Basically the .jad contains some name and version info. Some phones need it, many don't.)

shamanix85 05-19-2009 06:18 AM

Add [URL="http://sourceforge.net/projects/microemulator/"]microemulator[/URL] to the list.
I'm quite interested to know whats available for this.
So many java games, so little time ...

Morcar 05-26-2009 07:37 AM

I also remembera PSP java emulator too that plays phone java games if that helps.

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