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Zophar 08-04-2008 11:05 PM

Welcome back, ZD! And a question...
Greetings, everyone.

I just wanted to say how extremely proud I am of the reopening of Zophar's Domain. The layout is extremely clean, and everything is very easy to find. Reminds me of how it was when I first opened this site 12 years ago... ;) But I digress...

I do have a question. I have recently been dabbling in emulation for the Wii. I've been very out of the loop and so I know this will be old news for most, but the incredible level of accuracy of Genesis, SNES, TG-16, NES emulation... and so much more is just amazing to me. And all that is needed is an SD card and a hacked save of "Twilight Princess" for Wii. I still remember trying to get a hacked version of "The_Brain's" VSMC SNES emulator because Super Mario World played with a yellow-green gameboy-like pallette with no sound. So that I could play it on my old Cyrix 6x86 P133+ with crackly sound at 8 FPS. Hehehehe...

But my question is: has anyone played around with TG16 CD emulation on the Wii? I've gotten Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra working on Hu-Go! for the Wii, with garbled graphics and no sound. Wanted to see if other people had similar luck. It looks very promising. Can't wait for the Genesis emulator to receive a Sega CD update (obviously we all know how much I loved Sega CD... Lunar 2.... look what I named the site!) Ahh, the memories...

Now I remember why I love/loved this stuff so much. Waiting weeks on end so that an emulator would update and run 1 frame per second faster, and maybe it would crash further into the game this time. Hah! So, as I love nostalgia, I leave you with the following chatlog from #zopharsdomain, circa 1998. I was updating the SPC archive and the topic of VSMC came up while discussing SNES emulation:

*** Retrieving #ZopharsDomain info...
*** Zophar changes topic to 'SPC Archive updated: now over 2000 SPCs @ www.zophar.net/zsnes/spc/'
*** seaweed sets mode: +o XiP
<Ap0calypz> well yeah
<Infe> heh does the V8 mode in zsnes still work
<XiP> try it in does mode
<Ap0calypz> V8?
<Zophar> yeah infe
<Zophar> -v8 still works
<Ap0calypz> what's the difference?
<Zophar> haw, i asked zsknight to put that in like almost a year ago
<Ap0calypz> between win and dos?
<Infe> try it you'll see :D
<Zophar> ap0calypz:it's an easter egg treat
<Zophar> it don't matter if you try in win or dos
<Infe> well some things crash in dos but not windows and vice
<Infe> cuz of different memory protection or something
<Ap0calypz> what is -v8?
<XiP> just try it
<Ap0calypz> I did
<Ap0calypz> nothing happened
<Ap0calypz> now I see it
<Ap0calypz> it's all green =)
<Ap0calypz> reminds me of the yellow palette in VSMC
<Zophar> yeah haw
<Ap0calypz> chrono trigger looks funky
*** Shamanix (shamanix@h24-64-17-30.ed.wave.shaw.ca) has joined #zopharsdomain
*** Shamanix (shamanix@h24-64-17-30.ed.wave.shaw.ca) has left
<Ap0calypz> gotta tell them to do -vsmc for the yellow palette
<Ap0calypz> that'd rock
<Infe> -pisspallette
<Infe> :D
<Infe> you know though it would be cool if you could specify like one of 16 different colors or something to make a piss pallette out of, like all blue all red
<Infe> it might let you make some neat screen pics
<Ap0calypz> yeah
<Ap0calypz> it's spelled palette
<Infe> but i guess, you could just take a pic and modify it with some painting program and get the same thing
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sun Nov 22 10:55:48 1998


D-- 08-05-2008 12:32 AM

Holy shit. |nfe. Now there's a name that vanished long ago.

The 9th Sage 08-05-2008 02:41 AM

Ye gods, it's Zophar. Very awesome to see you. :)

As for your question...I have tried Dracula X: Rondo of Blood using the version of HuGo for the Wii and it worked fine for me. No CD Audio support yet though (it should be coming, I know Eke-Eke plans on it). That's the only game I tried, but the graphics were ok...not sure what the problem could be (have you tried any other PCE-CD games?). Make sure you have a ROM of the CD-ROM system card you need in /hugo/ named as syscard.pce.

I had pretty much the same thought as you in regards to Genesis Plus! and SegaCD emulation. I'd love to play Lunar, as well as other stuff like SonicCD and Popful Mail on my Wii.

Zophar 08-05-2008 02:49 AM

Nice to see you too. 14,516 posts, wow! You've been busy hehe!

So I do have version 3 of the japanese cd biois named syscard.pce in the hugo folder. I've only tried 2 games so far: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective vol 1 (which crashes back to the Homebrew Channel) and Might and Magic III Isles of Terra. I have about 50 games hanging around here somewhere so I'll give some of those a try and see what happens.

But yeah, eke-eke's Genesis emulator really impresses me. I don't remember Sega games looking and sounding this good; it's better than the real thing! And I cannot wait for Sega CD emulation. Lunar 1 and 2, Vay, Popful mail... and some guilty pleasures like Night Trap (RIP Dana Plato) and Adventures of Willy Beamish (loved the voice acting, hated the 5 minute wait times)!

So, who runs things around here these days? I don't see Sam (Swampgas) mentioned anywhere on here. Is he still around? It's been so long...

The 9th Sage 08-05-2008 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by Zophar (Post 81117)
So, who runs things around here these days? I don't see Sam (Swampgas) mentioned anywhere on here. Is he still around? It's been so long...

That'd be Edman. I'm not sure where Edman is at the moment though, unfortunately. :P I haven't seen Sam in awhile either. Heh, and yeah...this is a post count years in the making (back years ago, the first time I was a mod, I posted constantly lol). I don't think I ever really had a chance to talk to you, IIRC I joined about the time you relinquished the site to SwampGas.

Aaah, I still remember discovering the site though. Good times. :)

Oh yeah, and I used System Card v3 too, so I guess that isn't the problem. My ISO is just a straight bin/cue format image too, if that helps at all.

Reaper man 08-05-2008 02:56 AM


Originally Posted by Zophar (Post 81117)
So, who runs things around here these days? I don't see Sam (Swampgas) mentioned anywhere on here. Is he still around? It's been so long...

oooh he's gone, and for good reason. The whole reason that ZD is the way it is now is that swampfuck finally sold it to someone who gives a damn. It is co owned by Edman and some guy who is, well, unknown.

The rest of the community and I must ask. What the hell were you thinking hiring that asshole? He fucking drove ZD to the ground.

D-- 08-05-2008 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by The 9th Sage (Post 81119)
Aaah, I still remember discovering the site though. Good times. :)

I still remember this site discovering me.

I got this e-mail from some "Bradi Levicoff" guy in April 1997 demanding I come to his Web site and explain myself for having stolen and rebranded a Final Fantasy V patch from a guy who, at that time, of whom I had never heard.

I also remember his Web page having red text on a black background and using this Sans-Serif font that was hard to read even on the 800x600 resolutions of the day ;)

The 9th Sage 08-05-2008 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by D-BOY (Post 81126)
I also remember his Web page having red text on a black background and using this Sans-Serif font that was hard to read even on the 800x600 resolutions of the day ;)

Hah. I'm glad the site design has changed over the years. ;)

Zophar 08-05-2008 03:35 AM

OK so let's see...

First, to D-Boy: I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking when I sent that e-mail but whatever I did, I'm really sorry. I would have been 17 at the time and probably didn't eat my Wheaties that morning! I assume you were part of RPGe right?

Next, Reaper Man. I'm not really sure what I was thinking. It was seven years ago when I transferred control of the site to Sam and I thought, at the time, it made sense. I have only popped in from time to time over the years and wasn't involved in any of the decision-making from that time all the way to the present. If that decision caused a slow erode of ZD, I want to apologize to the community. It was certainly not my intent.

And finally, as to site design... who remembers the GameGear imagemap from when we were www.ziplink.net/~shadow5? :) Even better... who remembers the site when it was on geocities? Prize to the person who can name the original MIDI tune that was on the site during its earliest time.


D-- 08-05-2008 03:40 AM

Yeah, I would have been 15. I was using the handle Shadow back in those days. I just remember the e-mail being a total "WTF?" moment, and then all the stupid forum drama that followed. Thinking back, a whole lot of things would have turned out different had I just deleted it instead of joining the big barrel of "fun."

Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

As for things going downhill under Sam, he just wasn't interested in the site the last few years. He wanted to hand it off too, but by that time there were less takers. As much as I've taken jabs at him, I understand the position. It sucks when people are looking to you to maintain something you just don't want to maintain, and something you can't find anyone to maintain. Nine in 10 volunteers bail as soon as they realize they have to work.

Also, there are a lot more emulation sites than there were back in 1996-1998: when it was Node99, Archaic Ruins, ZD or PatentPending. There is less community these days because there is no longer a "place to go" -- somewhere that has it first or does it best. And by and large, except for PS2 and Wii emulators, emulators have hit the point where people are just happy with how they work. To the general user, there isn't such a big difference in updates anymore, unless there is some strange new NES dump he wants to play.

It's not like before, where, as you said, we were all hurting for a cracked VSMC to break 15fps in [game name here]. If something like bsnes or Nintendulator is too slow, you can usually just shrug, say "Oh well," and load up Snes9x, Zsnes, FCE Ultra or mednafen.

Hrm, a Web site MIDI in 1996-97? Must have been either "Fade to Black" or Cammy's theme from Super Street Fighter II.

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