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shadowdorothy 06-04-2009 06:30 AM

just a small question
So the hex and binary editor I use doesn't recognize japanese characters. I need to be able to see these Japanese characters to put them in my text doc before I make a .tbl file.
the program I use is Hex Workshop Hex Editor and I wondering if there are programs better then this that are still user friendly. the whole reason I use this program over others is the user friendly interfaces, so if there are better hex and binary editors that work similar to this I would like to know.

Also one other thing. Do GBA emulators allow you to see tile sets and stuff? I'm having trouble getting VBA to do so.

InVerse 06-05-2009 12:09 AM

In order to view Japanese characters in Hex Workshop, you need to enable Japanese in the Windows IME which is in the Control Panel under Regional & Language Settings. But if you're just wanting to make a table file, I would recommend JWPce which is a free Japanese Word Processing application. It is able to view/save in multiple Japanese formats (SJIS, EUC, Unicode) without needing to do anything within Windows itself.

As for hex editing, the current standard for ROM hacking is WindHex. It can also view Japanese without the need of any external tools, provided you have a Japanese table for it to use. (WindHex also has a table making utility built in, but personally I use Table Auto-Generator to create tables, but that's because I wrote TAG to work in the manner I felt best, so obviously I'm a bit biased.)

VBA has various tools for viewing the graphics that are currently loaded. The OAM Viewer will let you view sprites, the Map Viewer will display the various layers of the background (non-sprite) images and the Tile Viewer will display the current tile map.

shadowdorothy 06-05-2009 06:07 AM

hmm. well see thats the problem InVerse. I have all forms of Japanese enabled on my computer and Hex Editor still won't recognize it.... I'll try TAG because it could help me a lot.
the next thing I need to know is pointers. I can already understand a lot of Chinese and Japanese, so translating words into English shouldn't be a problem. it's taking advantage of the extra space in the rom and telling it where to look that I need to know. I found a basic pointer finder for menus, so that should help.

we need a small tutorial thread about just the basics and useful programs. I read the one at rom hacking.net but it wasn't really helpful.

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