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The 9th Sage 11-03-2009 03:55 PM

Holy Umbrella - Dondera 's Wild!! translation complete
The Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis dropped by our forum to let us know work has been completed on the English translation of 'Holy Umbrella - Dondera 's Wild!!' for the SNES. In this platformer, the character you play as finds an umbrella, and it transports him to another world. Once there, he needs to save the umbrella in order to return home.

I've yet to try it, but looking at the screens here in the original thread and the description of the odd plot on Aeon Genesis (and that it's compared to Violinist of Hameln, translated by j2e) it has me pretty interested.

You can download it over on Aeon Genesis, or from our Translations Section.

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