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Fla Flash 11-01-2009 09:14 PM

Bruce Campbell vs Ganon
kgp4death has released Bruce Campbell vs Ganon, v 1.0, a hack of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system.

According to the author, changes include:

It has been many years since Link to the Past and Ganon is back to evil.
Link is not around to save the day. So, a new hero has to emerge.
This hero is the unlikely Ash from the Evil Dead series.
With his witty humor Ash must fight through dungeons that have been
upgraded by Ganon. With new tricks up his sleeve Ash searches Hyrule
for items lost long ago. With New puzzles and harder bosses Ash has a
lot to go against to finally be the one to bring peace to Hyrule forever.
This game is meant to extend and merge both fanchises and at the same
time be a little bit of a spoof.

You can get this hack here or at the author's website.

Thanks to kgp4death for the news.

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