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siegfried.m 01-16-2009 10:43 AM

I need help to translate Mega Man X4. Where are dialogues?
Hi, I need an help to translate Mega Man X4 (PSX) in Italian.
I have translated Mega Man X3 but was easy, now in X4 I don't find files with dialogues.
Can anyone help me? :cry:
Thanks in advance.

Shadow 01-21-2009 11:37 PM

Check possible compression algorithms. Then try to find words which occur only once and then words which are very common. Try to find combinations: "what?" . Here we look for common letters and a sign.

If you don't want to look through ALL files, then reduce your search area by exclusion of files that obviously have images or sounds within.

If you have a good tool, then startup the emulator and the game when text appears and pause. Then look for the used RAM Blocks. There MUST be the text in some form or another. At least this could give you a hint, where to look.

Then change your point of view. It is very common to split text into different parts. Some games have a list of character names, then a list of items/weapons, a list of options, a list of status values, a list of sentences or even a list of single words.

If there is a list of single words, you can't find the text by searching for a sentence.
The sentences are often build of a set of words and signs.

FF 00 AB 01 => Mega Man rules
FF 00 => Mega Man
AB 01 => rules

At adress FF 00 you would find something like:

4C 05 07 01 8A 4C 01 0D

M 4C
e 05
g 07
a 01
M 4C
a 01
n 0D

So what if it is compressed? Well, then you should try compress a single word and a single sentence. Then use a relative search for these patterns. If there is a textbox, then compress the complete textbox.

Sure it takes time to figure out the right compression, but it's not impossible.

I can't help any further. It's been a long time, when I was in this kind of stuff. But I wish you good luck.

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