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BIrvine 02-01-2009 08:28 PM

PinMAME, PinMAME32, Visual PinMAME v2.1
PinMame and derivatives have been updated to v2.1!
Changelog is as follows:

*** CORE/CPU ***
Fixed a bug for Bally-51 Sounds Plus
Fixed sound issues on Gottlieb System 80B
Fixed Blackwater 100 sound startup
Fixed startup sound for Jokerz / Pool Sharks
Corrected Playmatic Last Lap, game works now
Better working Bally 68701 prototype games
Added TMS9980-A cpu support

Added Bally Party Zone L-3
Added WMS Banzai Run G-3 (German)
Added Juegos Populares: Featon, Petaco, Aqualand
Added Jac van Ham Escape
Added Videodens Break (NVRAM not working yet)
Added Inder Atleta
Added Flash Gordon Prototype rev. 2 (working)
Corrected checksums for Bally Flash Gordon (vocalizer sound)
Corrected checksums for Astro Black Sheep Squadron

Downloads are available in the MAME section, or at the PinMAME Website.

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